About Ideoos

Ideoos aims to create viable businesses that generate profits and employment, using the strategy of connecting the three fundamental parts of any business process:
Ideas, Labour and Capital.


An initial idea is essential to any business establishment. If you have one and have found that it satisfies an unmet need currently or it does better way as is done now, it’s time to carry it out, whether by yourself or by overseeing its development. Ideoos is your starting point.

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You have talent, knowledge, skills and you are passionate about creating your own business. But you have no business idea.
We help you with that business idea and with your work, you can make true your desire of being an entrepreneur.

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We offer an alternative to get a return of your investment generating wealth, employment and prosperity.
Contribute money for business growth based on projects developed and contrasted by the supervision of specialists.

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We connect Ideas, Talent and Capital to create Businesses

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